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Akikan! Season 1 Episode 8 Sensitive In Swimsuit!? 2009

Kakeru goes with Najima to a swimming pool in order to fulfil his promise to take her on a date, although he is not as enthusiastic as she is about it. Melon and Yell, as well as Goro and Yurika, decide to tail them, and Yell starts to feel uneasy seeing Najimi with Kakeru. Otoya and Kizaki are also there on a day off, who tries to pull some moves on Goro; as well as Budoko, who tails Melon and Yell before being inadvertently scared off by Yell. After giving him swimming lessons and going down a water slide together, Najimi decides to take Kakeru on the Ferris Wheel, where she decides to make a confession to him. However, he falls asleep and misses the confession, and some rocking combined with misunderstandings leads Yell to go as far as leaping on top of the Ferris Wheel to stop them, with Melon having to break her off. Najimi decides to postpone her confession, and Yell contemplates her feelings and actions.